Chris will provide you with expert advice, representation and documents for the enforcement, defence, protection and commercial exploitation of your IP rights, and the management of your trade secrets, privacy, reputation or personal data.

That might mean working with you to neutralise threats or defend legal proceedings, or to embark on an offensive of your own. Or it could involve advising you and providing documents for the protection of your information or IP assets, or helping you on deals to harness the value of your IP and grow your profit.


Chris’s services cover all stages of enforcement, from initial complaints or letters before claim, settlement offers, negotiations or mediation, to full court or tribunal proceedings including the preparation of statements of case and evidence, fighting your corner at case management hearings, on interim applications such as for summary judgment, final hearings and appeals, and guidance throughout.


As with enforcement, Chris provides services to help you defend or defuse a complaint or claim made against you. If you accept a complaint, you might want to settle quickly to avoid the escalation of costs and risk. Chris can negotiate for you and help obtain the best possible terms.

If the complaint or claim is unjustified, Chris will provide services covering all stages of defending a claim, including strategic or protective offers, negotiations or mediation, the preparation of statements of case and evidence, case management hearings, interim applications such as for striking out or security for costs, final hearings and appeals, and guidance throughout.


Chris provides advice on the protection of IP rights and interests, including advising on all stages of the processes for registration of trade marks and designs and the grant of patents.

Drafting services include all manner of commercial contracts, NDAs, letters and official forms for trade marks, designs and patents.


Chris’s goal here is to help you maximise your revenue streams from your IP assets.

Chris advises on the legal aspects of commercial exploitation and drafts commercial contracts including assignments, licences, franchise agreements and specific industry agreements (for example, music, TV and film) and negotiates with third parties on contracts or matters of legal principle to ensure that his clients obtain the best possible terms.


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